Golden Milk Iced Latte

Our friend Sarah Beth Tanner shows us a simple recipe to switch up your morning brew and turn your kitchen into a gourmet home café. Today, she’s made a super simple golden milk recipe to add to a delicious homemade cold brew! Ever heard of golden milk? Its SUPER ingredient is turmeric, which has awesome anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (especially when combined with black pepper). Make your morning brew work even more for you by enjoying it with this super simple golden milk recipe! 

Take it up a notch and make this recipe with homemade cold brew! Trust us, it's way easier than you think to make with supplies you already have in your kitchen. Click here to get the full instructions.

This recipe is keto friendly.

The Recipe

Golden Milk Iced Latte

Prep Time

5 minutes

Total Time

7 minutes (+ 24 hours if brewing cold brew)


With just a few ingredients, you can easily whip up this anti-inflammatory golden milk iced latte at home for an extra-enhanced morning brew! Makes 1 serving.


  1. Appx 1 cup ice
  2. ¾ cup Cold Brew made with Dark Roast Super Grounds
  3. ¼ - ½ cup Vanilla Super Creamer
  4. ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
  5. A pinch of black pepper (if desired)


To make Cold Brew:

  1. Combine 1/4 cup Super Coffee grounds for every 1 cup of water in any airtight container, and give it a stir or shake. 
  2. Refrigerate for 24-36 hours. (Be patient - this is key!)
  3. Use cheesecloth or a cotton bandana to strain grounds from liquid. Place the cloth over a strainer or colander and collect the liquid in a bowl below. 
  4. Strained cold brew can be stored in the fridge for 7-9 days. Use it as the base of any of our flavored foam lattes! 

To make the Golden Milk Iced Latte:

  1. Pour cold brew over ice in a glass.
  2. Pour creamer into a jar, leaving plenty of room for air. Add turmeric, if using, and if desired, add black pepper to activate the turmeric’s curcumin properties.
  3. Place the lid on the jar and shake for a full 30 seconds. 
  4. Pour creamy foam over coffee. Garnish with a light sprinkle of turmeric. Enjoy!


Total Calories


Total Fat

4.8g - 9.4g

Total Carbs


Dietary Fiber





5 mg


2.8g - 5.4g

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