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We are here to share content about coffee, health, cooking, and lifestyle. As experts in our field, we're aligned on the goal to help fuel you with Positive Energy!

ABOUT Super Coffee

Positive from the beginning.

From the dorm room to the board room, we’ve kept our heads up through the thick and thin. Positivity got us here, and now we want the same for you.


Ben Knox

SVP, Super Coffee

Ben is SVP at Super Coffee and helps us spread Positive Energy working from home in Los Angeles! When he isn’t working, Ben loves to hang out with his dog Honey and play paddle tennis.

Dan Churchill


Young, talented and infectiously energetic, Dan Churchill is one of the world’s most exciting celebrity chefs. Dan believes that healthy food should also taste amazing, and his recipes are always a hit.

Emma Nairin

Coordinator, Super Coffee

Emma works at Super Coffee as a Digital Coordinator and is experienced in E-commerce and site management in a retail environment. In her free time, Emma loves to snowboard, cook, workout, watch sports, and drink Super Coffee.

Liz Moore

Content Marketing Specialist

Liz is the Content Marketing Specialist at Super Coffee. Born and raised in Houston, TX, now she's spreading the Positive Energy in NYC! She loves travel, cooking, fitness, and literature, and she speaks 3(ish) languages.

Super Coffee Team

Team Contributors, Super Coffee

Content brought to you by different Super Coffee team members.

Jimmy, Jake, and Jordan

The Brothers

Jim, Jake, and Jordan DeCicco are three brothers and the founders behind Super Coffee. Super Coffee was first created in youngest brother Jordan’s college dorm room, and later Jake and Jim jumped onboard to build the company together!

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