Top Tips to Feel Healthy During the Changing Seasons

Eating for Immunity and Adjusting Wellness Practices for the Holiday Season

The air is crisper, the days have grown shorter and the leaves are turning colors... We’re deep in the heart of autumn! Aside from being a magical time of the year, the change in seasons offers opportunities to evaluate your wellness habits and adjust daily practices to meet the new environment. 

Fall is a time for focusing on building immune strength, rest and reflection, eating the bountiful harvest of the season along with participating in invigorating physical practices. Read on for my favorite tips to staying healthy and grounded throughout the holiday season!

Eat for Immunity

Building up strength in your immune system in the fall can help your body protect itself during the upcoming cold and flu season. You can help boost your immune function by eating a diet that’s rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C, such as oranges, carrots and bell peppers. Another important nutrient is zinc, which is found in nuts and seeds. Vitamin D is also important for immune strength, and our ability to absorb it from the sun wanes as the days grow shorter and darker. I take high-quality Vitamin D supplements all year, being extra sure to get them in during the colder months.

Incorporate lots of fresh seasonal produce in your diet to make sure you're getting essential vitamins and nutrients for immunity.

Eat for Balance

As the days get cooler, it’s a good idea to focus on eating warmer, heartier foods to help your body stay in balance. This is the time of year to add warming soups and stews, roasted root vegetables, and seasonal flavors to your menus. Fill your cupboard with warming spices, such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, and add seasonal flavors to your recipes like in these scrumptious Maple Pumpkin Pancakes

In the fall, I always start my day with beverages that help me stay warm from the inside out. A delicious latte with Super Creamer is my go-to autumnal beverage, it makes me feel warm and cozy and it starts my day from a place of pure joy and positivity. Also, a hot cup of spiced tea helps me feel relaxed and nurtured at the end of the day.

Enjoy Nature

This is one of the best times of year to enjoy time outside. Not only is autumn one of the most beautiful seasons, but also, spending time amidst the crunching leaves can help you stay healthy. Being outdoors in nature soothes your nervous system and encourages both mental and physical well-being. Getting outside also helps your body gather Vitamin D from the sun, which is an important vitamin for immune function. One simple way to incorporate nature into your daily routine is to take breaks from work and take a walk through your local park or even around the block. Leave your phone at home and tune in to the wonders of nature that exist right outside your door.

Spending time outdoors is crucial for soothing the nervous system and promoting general physical and mental wellbeing.

Move Your Body

As the days grow colder, you’ll want to practice more warming movements to keep your body healthy. Sun salutations are a wonderful movement that can warm you up. I start each day with five sun salutations. Speeding up the practice throughout the colder months helps your body build added heat. Hot yoga and quick breathing exercises, like breath of fire, can also help keep your body warm. Another one of my favorite movements that gets your blood pumping and supports immune health is jumping or rebounding to help your lymphatic system drain toxins.

Get outside and move your body to build warmth and keep feeling your best this season.

Rest and Reflect

It is crucial to allow your body some rest year-round, but especially as we enter the colder months. Getting ample sleep is truly one of the most important things you can do for your health. When you sleep, your body and mind restore - healing themselves and preparing you to take on the next day. The change of seasons and the shorter days offer an opportunity to pull back from our hectic schedules and reflect. I always take a few moments during these transitional times to meditate and reflect on what I want to bring into my life in the upcoming months.

Changing your habits with the shifts in seasons allows for greater alignment, health and vitality. Tune into the transitions happening around you, embrace them, and use them to create your happiest, healthiest self.

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Written by Claire Grieve

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