5 Reasons Why Everyone is Switching to Super Coffee

If you’ve been looking for a coffee with natural ingredients that tastes delicious, you’ve probably passed up all the big names on the shelves. Did you know that many of the most common coffee beverages actually contain scary amounts of added sugars and other unhealthy ingredients? With Super Coffee, the search for a new kind of energy is over. Here are 5 reasons why people made the switch to our coffee with better-for-you ingredients.

1. Protein + MCT Oil

MCT oil is believed to provide many more health benefits than other types of oil. In short, MCT oil helps boost energy levels and encourages more efficient fat-burning. This  healthy fat also supports brain function to increase your focus. 

We offer two protein options in our drinks: Milk Protein Isolate and Pea Protein. Milk Protein Isolate is a high quality protein that helps build strength and is extracted through a less abrasive process providing a cleaner source of protein. *Found in all products except Plant Based, Cold Brew, and Triple Shot

Super Coffee’s Pea Protein is perfect for a plant-based diet as it is derived from yellow peas. The benefits of pea protein include it’s rich in iron, keeps you fuller longer than carbs and fat, and can reduce the risk of higher cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. *Found in all our plant-based products.

2. Taste

Many beverages that are claimed as healthy usually don’t deliver on the taste factor, but that’s not the case with Super Coffee. We provide products that are sweet without the added sugar using Monk Fruit, and other tasty options such as the Cold Brew and Triple Shot Espresso that still contain all of the amazing health benefits; however, it contains none of the Monk Fruit we use for sweetening our products. Super Coffee is a tasty upgrade to your typical, black morning coffee with better-for-you ingredients and packed with positivity. Put simply by customer Noah W, "Finally!! A Coffee that doesn't cost $6 per cup, isn't loaded with sugar, and has a great taste. Very well done!"

3. 0g Added Sugar

The best-selling bottled coffee in America has 36g of added sugar per bottle. That much sugar in one bottle of coffee is energy draining. We believe life can be sweet without the sugar, which is why we’ve ditched +5M pounds of sugar and counting but kept the sweet. Monk fruit is our secret ingredient and choice of sweetener because it is all-natural, and it is zero-calorie, low-carb, and zero-sugar. It gets its sweetness from antioxidants and it won’t raise blood glucose levels!

4. Credibility

The DeCicco brothers appeared on Shark Tank in 2018 and while they didn’t receive an investment from any of the Sharks, they caught the attention of several other big names including former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger. Other big investors include Aaron Rodgers, Jennifer Lopez, and Baron Davis. These investors helped Super Coffee grow exponentially and was even recently named the fastest growing food and beverage brand in America by Inc Magazine.

5. More Than Just a Coffee Brand

We’ve removed the negatives and replaced them with positives in our products, with our company, and in ourselves. It’s our belief that if we see something that can be improved upon, we might as well add something positive. Super Coffee aims to be more than just a coffee company, which can be seen through their first brand campaign, Add Something Positive. Add Something Positive has the goal of adding positive energy to the world through big or small acts of kindness. Whether that’s smiling at a stranger or sipping a Super Coffee, it’s anything that makes an impact however small it seems. 

Try Super Coffee today and see what all the hype is about.

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Fact Checked by Nicolette Collier

Written by Super Coffee Team

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