Monk Fruit: Our Sweetener of Choice

What’s Special about Monk Fruit?

A naturally occurring superfood, monk fruit sweetener is naturally sugar free, low-carb and calorie-free. The sweetener is extracted from the monk fruit, a green melon-like fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. Known as Luó-Hàn-Guǒ, this fruit was cultivated for centuries by Buddhist monks (hence the fruit’s English name!). Monk fruit extract’s sweet flavor doesn’t come from sugar; rather, its sweetness comes from a compound called mogrosides, a type of antioxidant. With all of its positive health benefits, no wonder it's our sweetener of choice in all of our flavored drinks!

Top 5 Benefits of Monk Fruit:

  1. Monk fruit sweetener gets its sweetness from antioxidants within the fruit called mogrosides.
  2. It tastes sweet and smooth without the strong, bitter aftertaste that artificial sweeteners have.
  3. Because it doesn’t have sugar, monk fruit helps provide sustained energy without a blood sugar and insulin spike and crash.
  4. The mogroside antioxidant that gives the sweet flavor also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent diseases.
  5. Monk fruit extract is 100-250 times sweeter than sugar, and it can be easily substituted for sugar in most recipes.

How to Enjoy It:

Monk Fruit is a wonderful substitution for sugar! We love using it anytime we want to add a little sweetness to our day. Here are some ways you can incorporate Monk Fruit into your diet:

  • Use it to sweeten your daily coffee or tea. If you’re on the go, try our ready-to-drink 12oz Super Coffee sweetened with Monk Fruit!
  • Swap it for sugar in your recipes. You can buy granulated Monk Fruit at the grocery store, and most brands are a 1-to-1 substitute for sugar. Swap it in your baked goods, and even make sugar-free ice cream! We absolutely LOVE this recipe for Coconut Mocha Muffins which uses Super Coffee's Monk Fruit to sweeten.
  • Instead of sugar, mix Monk Fruit into your favorite sweet drinks, like lemonade or cocktails, to make a healthier version that’s still delicious.
  • Sprinkle on fresh cut fruit to make life just a bit sweeter!

Monk Fruit is THE solution for when you’re craving sweet flavor but don’t want all the negatives of sugar.

Want to try Monk Fruit for yourself? We use it in all our flavored coffees and creamers! Try out your favorite flavor and you’ll see why we love it.

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Written by Liz Moore

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