Slow Down to Speed Up with CEO Jimmy DeCicco

All under 6 minutes, our Super Hacks are easy ways to add a moment of positivity into your day and maintain healthy habits. This hack is brought to you by Super Coffee CEO, Jimmy DeCicco who lives by these hacks as a way to be successful!

Behind The Hack

As a CEO of a growing company, Jim loved the on-the-go aspect of our ready-to-drink bottles. For 2021, he challenged himself this year to slow down before speeding up by slowly sipping on a cup of Super Coffee Grounds and using that time to write down things he is grateful for.  While writing these down, he feels that it sets an intention for the day and helps him get started on a positive note. Due to this quick hack, Jimmy is able to now have a successful and intentional day while enjoying his morning brew! 

“As we put these thoughts on paper, we start our day with abundance and gratitude, and it really sets our intention for the rest of the day.” -Jimmy

Try It Yourself

Jim’s morning routine helps you to express gratitude as a refreshing way to have an intentional and successful day. All it requires is a cup of Super Coffee and a writing utensil, whether it be notes only your phone or a good old fashion notepad.

Jim’s action plan:

  • Take 5 minutes to brew a fresh cup of our Super Coffee Grounds as part of your daily coffee routine
  • Slowly enjoy and savor your cup, being especially mindful of its taste and aroma
  • Write down 1 thing that you’re grateful for, as you take time to energize for the day ahead

Repeat every morning to fuel your day with positive energy! See the full tutorial on our instagram.

Super Coffee Grounds

Fuel up for Jim’s Super Hack with his favorite morning drinks!


Fact Checked by Emma Nairin

Written by Super Coffee Team

2 min read

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