Go With The Flow With Taylor Walker Sinning

All under 6 minutes, our Super Hacks are easy ways to add a moment of positivity into your day and maintain healthy habits. This hack is brought to you by Super Coffee partner, Taylor Walker Sinning, a trainer, nutrition coach and busy on-the-go mom.

Behind The Hack

As a mother to a toddler (with a girl on the way!) and full-time health coach, Taylor Walker Sinning has a packed schedule. Despite dedicating her career to health and fitness, some days she still struggles to squeeze in a workout. That’s why she started incorporating quick sequences into her day that she can keep on hand and complete as time allows.

“Lately, my toddler is very adamant that work can no longer take place in his presence. Which for mommy, work is working out and he is NOT happy about this at all. With that said, sometimes little flows like this are the best I can get and I’ll take minimal movement over none at all!” She shared one of her go-to flows for lower body focus with us below.

Try It Yourself

Taylor’s go-to flow is a simple sequence that adds movement into your day without disrupting your routine or any equipment. Check it out below:

  • 10 lunges to knee drive
  • 12 pulsing lunges
  • 10 lunge to T
  • 12 pulsing lunges

Repeat three times on the right and left side, or whatever fits with your schedule. Flow along with Taylor and see the full tutorial on our Instagram

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Written by Super Coffee Team

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