Pro Parenting Tips with Jenna Wolfe

We caught up with Jenna Wolfe - fitness expert, host of First Things First on Fox Sports, and mom of 2 adorable girls - on maintaining your routine, teaching your kids how to eat healthy, and finding time for yourself amidst a busy schedule.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

"My work day starts and ends before most people take their first sip of coffee, and I wouldn't want it any other way. So here's why I'm lucky... I'm a morning person, whose most productive time of the day happens to be the morning, and whose job happens to redefine my mornings. My alarm goes off at 3:30am (I never hit snooze), and my teeth are brushed, my workout clothes on, and my coffee brewed by 3:45. I sit down to start writing scripts by 4:00am, and I work straight until 5am. From 5-5:30, I train (my first workout of the day). I’ll either do a Peloton ride, or teach a HIIT class on Zoom. Then I shower, change, wake up my kids, get them fed, dressed and out the door to school with our nanny by 7am. Finally, I do my own hair and makeup, sit down in front of the camera (our studio is still in my apartment), and then I host First Things First on FS1 from 7:30-9:30am. Afterwards, I train again at 9:45am (usually pilates, lifting weights, or another HIIT workout) and finally I start the rest of my day by 11am."

Jenna makes sure to carve out time every day to move her body - it's a non-negotiable part of her routine to keep feeling her best.

How has your routine changed since becoming a mom?

"I'm no longer my only priority. I'm still a big priority (I think that's important to always keep in mind), but not the biggest. I firmly believe that if we ourselves don't work, nobody else around us will work. That's why I carve out time for myself to train, rest, stretch, eat and most importantly, sleep. Do I fail to do at least 1 or 2 of those everyday? Of course… But, I'm always trying to be a better person so that I can be a better mom."

What is your proudest mom moment?

"You mean besides the days my kids were born? Haha. Well, my 6 year old has a heart the size of the moon. She will give away her art projects, little toys, a penny she finds... anything to make someone else happy. You just can't teach that kind of generosity. It thrills and warms me to no end. As for my 8-year old, she is fearless. She'll ride anything at an amusement park, will walk up to any kid at a playground and say hi, will try new foods, wear new clothes, and put herself out there in a way most kids won't. Again, you can't teach that kind of fearlessness. Those two qualities in my kids make me so proud to be their mom."

Jenna and her two adorable daughters!

How do you find time to maintain your fitness amidst your busy mom schedule?

"I don't find time, I make time. If you wait until you find it, you'll go days without working out, trust me. From the day my girls were born, I carved out time everyday for myself. I made it a priority, like brushing my teeth, grocery shopping, or taking the kids to school. Those aren't 'wants', those are 'needs'. If you make your own health and wellness a 'need' and not a 'want', it will become part of your everyday life. For example, if you had a crazy busy day, but you knew you needed to make cupcakes for the kids' school the next day, you'd somehow find the time to do it. Well, then somehow find the time to do 30 minutes of movement. If I can do it, I promise anyone can."

How have you taught your girls to eat healthy and enjoy nutritious foods? And what are some of your top tips for other parents who are struggling with this aspect of parenthood?

"I teach by showing them how we do it. If they watch you, they will know and understand it's important. We try to eat well-balanced meals with the occasional treat here and there, so they have come to know this as normal. If you start them off early by only drinking water, they will want water. If you start them on juice and then try to switch to water, they're not going to adapt to that switch well, if at all. I mix broccoli into ground chicken for taco meat, I roast and season vegetables to make them crispy and fun (instead of steamed and boring), and I let them have a little dessert every night if they eat a well-balanced meal first. These are the little things you can do to ensure your kids are eating better."

What is your favorite Super Coffee product and how does it fuel your routine?

"Hands down the Mocha Super Pods with the Coconut Mocha Creamer. Every morning, I've got about 4 minutes to make my coffee before I have to sit down and start working. It's so satisfying to know I can make a pod, add my creamer, fall in love with the first sip every single day, and then be off running in just minutes."

Jenna fuels up on Super Pods and Creamer every morning since she only has a few minutes in her busy schedule.

Bonus Round: What’s one of your go-to workouts when you don’t have a lot of time?

"My go-to workout when I don’t have a lot of time is a pyramid. 10 exercises, performed in descending order from 100 down to 10 reps. I can swap out the exercises, use any equipment I have, or make the workout entirely bodyweight. I repeat the pyramid as many times as I can within the time I have available, but I usually plan to complete it a minimum of 3 times for a quick and efficient burn."

Here’s a sample of a pyramid I did last week:

100 jumping jacks

90 but kickers

80 high knees

70 crunches

60 squat jumps

50 plank jacks

40 climbers

30 alternating lunge jumps

20 push ups

10 burpees

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