Positive Energy Profile: Monica Jones

Monica Jones is all about growth. As a health activist and master coach at Bash Boxing, she spends her days inspiring others to unlock their performance potential, no matter how large or small their goals are. We caught up with her to learn more on how she empowers others and adds the power of plants into her lifestyle.

Why did you start a career in fitness?

“I've always identified sports, exercise and fitness as a way to discover and celebrate my worth. It was not always easy, but it was always clear to me that I had the passion to do this every day (in many different ways) happily.”

How has your career helped you bring Positive Energy to your community?

“While pursuing my own health and fitness goals, I've always done what I can to empower others on their journey. Whether that's educating clients during training, motivating members at BASH during class, or producing content to spark and house safe conversations on vulnerable or uncomfortable topics on social media.”

On-the-go in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

Tell us about your daily routine.

“I start my day by acknowledging what makes me happy before I get out of bed. I try to have at least 16oz of water and then make my Super Coffee. On a perfect day, I'm at the gym by 7:15am working on all things strength and conditioning. I have breakfast (typically egg whites or eggs and oats or lavash) and then dig into social media posts or email.”

Monica fuels up with our plant-based French Vanilla Super Coffee.

How does Super Coffee support your day? 

“Super Coffee boosts my focus tremendously! I love having brewed coffee during the winter mornings if I'm getting right into programming. If I am working out, I sip on the 11oz cold coffees. The plant-based French Vanilla is quickly becoming my favorite!”

We noticed you’re big on plants. From your diet to your environment, how do they impact your life?

“Plants represent life, growth, commitment and nurturing to me. I just really appreciate them for keeping me present. It’s easy to get busy and "push through" hoping to find a moment to breathe, but when I can keep my plants healthy, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

At home with her plant collection.

What motivates you to stay positive, especially in these trying times?

“Motivation tends to run out faster during times like these. So I've made it a habit to practice gratitude daily. This allows me to see and feel that I have plenty of reasons to keep a positive mindset.”

Try Monica’s favorites for yourself.


Written by Super Coffee Team

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