Meet Dillan Gibbons

Meet Dillan (right) and his friend Timothy (left)!

Dillan Gibbons plays football at Florida State University and he’s a major advocate and champion for Positive Energy! We first met Dillan a few months ago - he started a GoFundMe campaign to support his friend Timothy, and we were so inspired by their story. Dillan’s friend Timothy has a rare medical condition which makes travel difficult. So, Dillan started a campaign to help Timothy be able to attend his first football game at FSU. When the campaign unexpectedly surpassed the original fundraising goal, the additional funds were able to help offset Timothy’s family's medical expenses over the years. Committed to spreading positivity in every way, Dillan has also started a nonprofit, Big Man Big Heart, Inc., which aims to promote NCAA college athletes’ use of their NIL to promote unity and positivity in their communities. You can find out more and donate to Dillan's nonprofit here. Read on to learn more about Dillan’s inspiring story!

Hi Dillan! Introduce yourself!

“I’m a 22 year old offensive lineman enrolled in the MBA program at Florida State University. I formerly played for the Fighting Irish and earned a degree in Management and Consulting from the Mendoza College of Business. I’m super passionate about giving back to the community and helping others. Outside of football, I’m an avid Florida saltwater fisherman, and I love boating and all activities involving the water. My family means everything to me - they have supported me throughout all of my endeavors. Faith, Family, Football- in that order- followed by service to others, are my guiding tenets.”

Tell us briefly about your friendship with Timothy. How does he inspire you?

“Timothy inspires me every day. He has overcome so many adversities in his life. As I have been dealing with football injuries and surgeries and working hard to get back to my best, I have often thought of Timothy and his struggles and have learned to be grateful for all of the good things in my life. Timothy and I are both thankful for all of the positive things that my TakeTimothytoTally fundraising initiative has brought to our lives. It’s an experience neither of us will ever forget!”

How are you Adding Something Positive to your community?

“My goal is to Add Something Positive to the college football community, the Tallahassee and Tampa Bay Area communities and BEYOND by inspiring other NCAA college football players to harness the power of their name, image and likeness to do good works to help others in their communities. Through my non-profit, Big Man Big Heart, Inc., I hope to spread the unity, positivity and kindness we all know the world needs more of today.”

We know you're gearing up for the big FSU vs. Notre Dame game on Labor Day Weekend. How are you feeling going into it - what's getting you motivated?

“One of my closest mentors, Tom Mendoza, has given me the words that have inspired my efforts this week as I prepare to help my new team, FSU, beat my former team, Notre Dame. “Two of the greatest motivators in life are to prove someone right who believed in you or to prove someone wrong who didn’t.” I’m so grateful to Coach Norvell, Coach Dillingham and Coach Atkins for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to help change the culture of our team in the locker room, the meeting rooms and on the practice field. I’m hoping that my positivity has made an impact and that translates into a win against Notre Dame on September 5th!”

Tell us a bit about your nonprofit "Big Man, Big Heart". What would you like our community to know?

“When I started my nonprofit, Big Man Big Heart, Inc., I initially thought I would plan and carry out some of the planned charitable initiatives through this foundation. As I began to develop the idea, my vision for the non-profit expanded exponentially. Besides carrying out my own fundraising initiatives in Tallahassee and the Tampa Bay Area, I intend to recruit Big Man Big Heart Collegiate Ambassadors at every Division I College football program across the country. Each Collegiate Ambassador will start their own charitable initiatives in their community and I will help them learn to harness the power of their name, image and likenesses to do good and promote unity, positivity and kindness in their community and beyond.”

Check out Big Man Big Heart's GoFundMe page here!

How does Super Coffee fuel your routine?

“I lose 10-12 pounds at every practice. I sometimes have a hard time eating enough protein in my diet to maintain my weight - which is pivotal for an offensive lineman. That’s why the 10g of protein in the 12oz Super Coffee I drink in the morning is important to me. After practice and classes during the day, I drink a Super Cold Brew or a Super Espresso at night when I’m studying to help me focus and get things done. Super Coffee has become a pivotal part of my nutritional program throughout Fall camp and has been very useful now that I also have to focus on my MBA classes after many hours of practice and meetings.”

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