Meet Diabetes Trailblazer Lauren Bongiorno

Meet our newest partner, Lauren Bongiorno, Founder and CEO of Risely Health, who is challenging the current healthcare system and the world of Type 1 Diabetes management through her company's innovative health coaching programs and online educational Cornerstone Classes. Learn more at

What is Type 1 Diabetes and how is it different from Type 2 Diabetes?

"Type 1 diabetes is an incurable, autoimmune condition due to which the body cannot produce any insulin, a hormone that is necessary to live.The main difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is that people with type 2 diabetes produce insulin, but struggle with “insulin-resistance”, which can often be managed through diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications. T1D accounts for less than 10% of the more than 420 million cases of diabetes globally."

When were you diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and what was your immediate regimen / routine?

"In 2000, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was only 7 years old, so my parents pretty much took the reins. Our lives quickly became all about counting carbs and learning how certain foods impacted my blood sugar, all while trying to let me still be a kid. From an early age though, my parents always empowered me with the notion that if I took care of my health, I could do and be anything. A healthy mind and body = limitless potential. I’m grateful for that lesson."

Lauren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of seven.

What are some of the most common assumptions / misconceptions people make about T1D?

"Type 1 diabetes is very much an invisible condition. A lot of people assume that eating less carbs and taking insulin is all it takes to manage your diabetes. The truth is that it’s a 24/7 job of constantly trying to balance a seesaw with about 50 different factors trying to knock you out of balance at any given time. This is why it’s so important we slow down and build a relationship with diabetes, science, food, and ultimately ourselves, that can serve us over a long period of time."

When did you realize there was a gap in diabetes support for people’s health?

"When I was diagnosed, my family and I quickly realized that in order to thrive with T1D, it was pretty much dependent on what we did outside of my 2-3 doctors visits per year. But, the fact that doctors don’t have enough time or resources to give the personalized, integrative attention T1D’s need to experience more freedom in life is just one of the ways the healthcare system isn’t set up to truly support us. We face challenges of insulin prices being too high in the United States, many people not having access to diabetes technology, and a lack of education around food, hormones, activity, and behavioral change.

So, at Risely, our approach is…..yes, we have to fight to improve the future of diabetes healthcare, and at the same time, we have to come up with our own innovative solutions today that include our coaching programs, educational resources, and collaboration with nonprofit organizations that do amazing work to end health disparities."

Lauren is the founder and CEO of Risely Health.

Tell us about Risley and what drives you in your professional career.

"When I was a senior in college, I took the LSAT and started applying to law school. I was headed towards the direction of lobbying and creating change in healthcare. One day, I was in a yoga class and had an epiphany that this wasn’t my path. I didn’t want to fight against a system for years and not see anything change. Instead, I wanted to help make an impact on an individual level, to help create positive change that was visible. Since founding Risley Health, we’ve coached over 350 people and families impacted by T1D. Seeing the freedom and confidence they have after working in our programs is what really drives me. We’re making a real impact in people’s lives."

Lauren with other Risely teammembers.

If there was one piece of advice you could offer to other diabetics what would it be?

Get curious about what your outcomes could be, not what they are.

What is your favorite Super Coffee product and how does it fuel your routine?

The bold and smooth Super Cold Brew is my go-to! It’s simple and straightforward, and it does the job. I’m always amazed by how much steadier my blood sugars are in the morning when I have Super Coffee overall compared to other brands. My guess is because of the L-theanine ingredient, but whatever it is, you can definitely tell the difference!

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