Positive Energy Profile: Connor Carrick

Meet Connor - professional hockey player, new dad, and mental health advocate!

Connor Carrick is a professional hockey player with the New Jersey Devils, mental health advocate, and total coffee-lover. Coffee is his favorite morning ritual - it provides the promise of a fresh day, and the feeling of indulgence! When he’s not drinking a great cup of coffee, he’s playing hockey, spending quality time with his new baby, cuddling his french bulldog, and being a self-proclaimed all-star husband. We sat down with Connor to talk about everything from pro hockey, to fatherhood, to the best mental health tools for managing stress and anxiety.

Why did you decide to become a pro-athlete?

“The greatest gifts in my life choose me. Our child arrived when he was meant to; also, I thought having a dog was a bad idea until he changed my life forever. Similarly, hockey chose me. Billions of people work hard every day, and I was lucky enough to be recognized for my talent at an early age and to be taken care of by great mentors. I greatly value the platform pro sport has given me and I hope to give something back to the world that has smiled so graciously on my career.”

April is Stress Awareness Month and you're a big mental health advocate. What made you want to speak out on this topic?

“Pro sport is a bottom line, results-oriented world filled with hard men with stern faces. However, behind that seriousness amongst teammates and coaches, and in the mirror, I recognized the stress, the numbness in relationships, and the lack of professional passion. As athletes, we work daily, using hours to grow our physical tools, but mentally and spiritually, hope is the strategy of choice. I want to be a champion for athletes everywhere who are hungry to be their very best, while also committing to holistic wellness and energetic leadership.”

What has it been like being a new dad during the pandemic?

“My baby doesn’t care that I have to go to the rink and work my tail off, and my hockey coach doesn’t care that I have a newborn. I must (and I do) show up fully for both. That said, all the noise falls to the wayside after becoming a dad. I love Charlie so much, I miss him even when I am holding him...life becomes lighter as I start to realize that where I used to think I had control, I really just had anxiety.”

Connor with his new baby, Charlie, and his French Bulldog, Hoagie.

Tell us about your daily routine.

“I train daily, believe in myself relentlessly, sleep as best I can, and indulge in solitude. I also remember that the voice in my head isn’t always right, and I write everything down because organization doesn’t exist in my head. I know how small in the world I am, while at the same time knowing every change ever made here on Earth has started with an individual ready to bring their community closer to its higher potential.”

How does Super Coffee support your day?

“I love the plant based Coconut Mocha Super Coffee and Cold Brew the best. I drink them in the morning especially as the spring energy arrives and warms the day earlier, and I also indulge pre-game because every beast needs some fuel. All this Positive Energy flow grows some teeth come game time.”

Connor fuels up with our plant based Coconut Mocha Super Coffee.

How do you deal with the stress and anxiety that's a part of daily life?

“Knowing there is a tool box available to use after I recognize that I have drifted from a place of self trust to a place of fear and angst. All the tools really work: going for a walk, breath work, cold plunges, meditation, even throwing on some Beyoncé and dancing in the kitchen… I have to start with knowing where I am, then I can choose where I want to go. Time is not our most pressing asset - our energy is.”

Try Connor's favorite brew for yourself!


Written by Super Coffee Team

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