Super Heroes: A big thanks to all the SUPER essential workers

Despite the year’s unexpected challenges, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our Super Coffee family today. We especially recognize that there are many essential workers among us, who have risked their own safety to selflessly put others first this year. 

This fact truly came to light when we received over 400 notes last week in response to an email we sent. From healthcare workers, grocers, educators, veterans, first-responders, we have been humbled to (virtually) meet these Super Heroes. Here are just a few:

Maria is in nursing school and loves Hazelnut Super Coffee

Maria, who’s balanced studying to graduate as a nurse and 12.5 hours shifts in a pediatric surgery unit in Ohio.⠀

Super Marisa posing with Kosher Meals on Wheels

Marisa, a coordinator at Kosher Meals on Wheels in New Jersey leading volunteers to keep elderly clients fed (including a Thanksgiving Day delivery!) while juggling parenting at home.

The SUPER men of Operation Second Chance

Operation Second Chance, a Veteran nonprofit that has continued to serve the nation’s veterans despite having to cancel 5 fundraising events and adapt throughout the pandemic.

Super Jess cuddles a husky puppy at the animal hospital where she works.

Jess, nominated by her mom as an unsung hero working at an animal hospital in New Jersey to keeps pets safe.

Super Maddison helps recovering COVID-19 patients.

Maddison, a speech language pathologist who has worked to help COVID-19 patients learn to safely eat and improve cognitive skills after recovery.

Nurse Paige is not only a frontline worker, but also a SUPER mother of three!

Paige, a nurse whose story came from her husband Max, writing that she’s “always with a smile on her face regardless of if she worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital yesterday or stayed up all night prepping for the next week of homeschooling”.

Super Thomas is a veteran who loves Super Creamer!

Thomas, a Vietnam vet whose story came from his niece thanking him for his service and for being an amazing uncle each and every day.

Super Becky’s favorite creamer is Sweet Cream!

A shot from Becky, who works in nutrition services alongside the kitchen staff at a hospital in Colorado, making sure healthcare workers stay fueled and fed.

While we may not be physically together, this year has brought all of us closer with our shared stories. Thank you for being a part of our family this year. We are beyond humbled and grateful to help fuel your days with Positive Energy.

Fact Checked by Liz Moore

Written by Super Coffee Team

3 min read

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