Top 10 Keto Products You Need in Your Costco Cart

It’s Keto Week in our house, and I wanted to share all the awesome products I have been purchasing at Costco that have really helped make the keto lifestyle easier, convenient, and delicious. Costco is one of the only grocery stores we consistently shop where we can count on having a ton of keto products and ingredients to choose from so we can stay on budget while still indulging in a snack or two that might be difficult to find elsewhere. As Keto has gotten more popular, Costco has led the pack in investing in some great products and companies to help make the keto diet an eating plan anyone can enjoy!

Even in a home with only two adults, we still find so many things Costco carries that we love and we’ve found it’s worth the yearly fee! Apart from meats, cheeses, and other everyday bulk staples, you can find kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and all kinds of keto-friendly options you won’t find anywhere else, and for a lot cheaper than you might find anywhere else.

Here are some of the Keto products you have to grab next time you plan a trip to Costco!

1. Super Coffee

Super Coffee is one of my top picks since it's low in carbs!

Super Coffee is such an easy grab-and-go or even sit-and-relax drink. It has become a staple in the keto community over the last few years, and I’ve found it in a few stores, but it’s so nice to be able to pick them up in my favorite flavor in bulk at Costco. I love coffee and I love chocolate, so I grabbed a case of Super Coffee in the mocha flavor and WOW! The texture is so creamy, the flavor reminds me of a coffee chocolate milk, and the ingredients are fantastic! That’s honestly my biggest gripe with a lot of keto products out there - lots of added fibers or the bad sugar alcohols that make a product seem keto-friendly, but they don’t make you feel good. That’s definitely not the case with Super Coffee - it’s sweetened with monk fruit and has other clean ingredients you can feel good about adding to your day.  I know some of you miss your morning frap or that convenient, sweetened cold brew from the grocery store, but Super Coffee gives those other drinks a run for their money! With less than 1g of sugar and 10g of protein, it’s a great way to start the day or have an afternoon pick me up without running to the coffee chain and hoping they don’t accidentally give you a coffee that looks more like a big cup of cream, or sugar instead of stevia. It also has enough caffeine to equal two cups of coffee, so you will definitely be ready for whatever the day brings!

2. Highkey Cookies

These cookies are crave-worthy and keto friendly!

Remember those little cookies you could get out of the vending machine? You know the FAMOUS ones that are small, perfect little chocolate chip treats? Highkey cookies are an amazing swap - they might actually be better than the real thing, honestly! There isn't a Highkey product I don't absolutely love, but you can find your favorite cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth with these bite-sized crunchy bits of heaven (I love cookies, okay?).

3. Hilo Snacks

Try these when you're in the mood for chips.

I have been waiting for the perfect chip replacement since I went keto 5 years ago. Many have tried and failed miserably - there are some other popular ones out there, but I’m convinced people have forgotten what chips are supposed to taste like. I am so thankful that Hilo Snacks figured out a crisp, delicious keto chip that can withstand more than just carefully snacking on them by themselves. These chips can dip, carry nacho toppings, and they have tons of flavor. I am so glad they have the larger bag at Costco right now! 

4. Jojo’s Chocolate

Try Jojo's Chocolate for a healthy chocolate bar!

Jojo’s Chocolate has been my favorite keto chocolate. Not only do the bars have amazing flavor, they use great ingredients so you don't feel bad enjoying a little chocolate treat at the end of the day. I have Jojo’s on monthly subscription, but, well, that doesn't always get me through the month, so Costco saves the day with the BIG bag of my favorite flavor!

5. Keto Pint Bars

Keto Pint Bars are the BEST ice cream treat!

I love good ice cream and it’s one thing I really miss on the keto diet some days! There are many ways to make it yourself at home, but they take a ton of time, ingredients, and it doesn't always turn out exactly how you imagine. These Keto Pint Bars are a great solution! The chocolate shell is delicious and inside is a caramel flavored ice cream that will remind you of those convenient trips down the novelty frozen treats aisle at your grocery store. It's also a perfect portion-controlled way to enjoy your ice cream without maybe eating a whole pint you might regret later… but no judgments here! Take a bar out of the freezer about 10 minutes before indulging, and it will be the perfect texture!

6. Parm Crisps

Try Parm Crisps for your salty snack mix cravings.

I am always looking for simple, keto approved snacks that won’t break the net carb budget. I love something I can have just a handful of that is salty, flavorful, and keto friendly, especially if it’s crunchy and easy to stash away in the pantry. The Ranch Parm Crisp mix is delicious - it’s crunchy Parm Crisps with almonds, cashews and pistachios with a tasty ranch flavor!

7. Whisps

Whisps are delicious crunchy cheesy crackers with only 1g net carbs!

Another cheese crisps option! These Whisps are perfect for dipping, topping a salad, or crushing up to use as breading for chicken! I love the original Parmesan flavor, but these Asiago Pepper Jack ones have the perfect hint of spice that I love with just about everything!

8. Sola Bread

Sola Bread is a keto sandwich-lover's dream come true.

People are always wary of the keto lifestyle because they think they will never be able to eat toast or a sandwich again! Sola is a great bread option you can find at Costco now - it’s the perfect white bread texture and tastes exactly like, well, a slice of bread! You can also freeze Sola bread and take out a few slices at a time, so you won’t ever waste any slices.

9. Almond Flour

Almond flour is the best keto flour replacement!

When I started Keto, making my own mug cookies and mug muffins was HUGE - you couldn’t find a keto blog that wasn’t showing you 10 ways to satisfy your sweet cravings with a mug cake… and you know what, it’s still really helpful! Almond flour is a great flour alternative, and you can make so many amazing recipes using almond flour! Kirkland (Costco’s home brand) almond flour is budget friendly and the texture is great - some other store bought options are a little too grainy and make your cookies a little disappointing. I always grab a big 3lb bag when I walk by the baking aisle at Costco.

10. Primal Kitchen Mayo

This mayo is made with clean ingredients and is keto-friendly.

Primal Kitchen has a wide variety of amazing, clean keto products! Costco carries their mayo, buffalo sauce, and caesar dressing. I always grab another jar of their avocado mayo every shopping trip and use it on wraps and burgers and to make all kinds of dips. It’s clean, 0g carbs, and is Whole30 approved! It is the cleanest mayo you will find (meaning, it’s free from sugar, inflammatory oils, and other ingredients your body may not like) and it’s a great price at Costco.

Keto is super easy to follow, but Costco has really made the keto diet even easier, especially for people just starting out or who need lots of variety in their snacks and meals. Apart from all the usual staples like bacon, steak, and eggs, all these products seem to make it into my cart whenever we do a big Costco haul! Make sure to add them to your cart on your next Costco trip! 

Mocha Super Coffee

Super Coffee is available at tons of Costco stores nationwide! Find a location close to you and stock up on your next trip.


Written by Samantha Marpe'

6 min read

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