Top 5 Healthy Snacks to Grab On-the-Go at 7-Eleven

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When you’re traveling or balancing a jam-packed schedule, it can be hard to find snacks that are both quick and healthy. We partnered with our friend Mallory Hope - fitness instructor and wellness blogger - to share the best snacks to stay healthy on the go.  Here are a few of her favorite options that you can also find at your local 7-Eleven.

Mallory balances a busy schedule and is always on the go, so she loves stopping in her local 7-Eleven to fuel up on healthy snacks!

Mallory’s 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. Try Think Bars for a great nutrient dense snack. Unlike some brands, these are not chalky or overly chewy. With 18-20g of protein and 220-250 calories, these are a nutritious option if you’re wanting something sweet. 
  2. 7 Eleven Snack Packs:  A variety of nuts, dried fruits, and crackers. Perfect size for an ‘on the go’ snack. I’m a sucker for any mix with cashews!
  3. Fresh fruit is always a winner! I especially love grabbing some apples or bananas to have on-the-go, and you can always find them at 7-Eleven.
  4. Make sure to hydrate! Essentia Water is a supercharged ionized alkaline water that’s infused with trace amounts of electrolytes to help you stay hydrated while traveling.
  5. And for the most important part of your travels… COFFEE! Y’all know I’m a SUPER Fan of Super Coffee but it truly is my favorite ready-to-drink caffeinated beverage. It’s has 10g of protein, ZERO sugar (they use Monk Fruit sweetener instead), and 200mg of caffeine. I like their popular French Vanilla flavor the best, so be sure to look for it at your local 7-Eleven!

Super Coffee is available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide! Find a location near you and stock up for your next trip.


Written by Super Coffee Team

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