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About the founders:

Jordan DeCicco

Youngest Brother | Founder

Falling asleep in class, Jordan turned his dorm room into a culinary kitchen blending the first batch of Super Coffee for his teammates and classmates. An all-conference basketball player, Jordan's dedication and vision drove KITU Super Coffee from dorm-room dream to Shark Tank reality! A 2017-2018 Peter Thiel Fellow, you can still find Jordan in the kitchen with his original blender whipping up the future of healthy energy.

Jake DeCicco

Middle Brother | COO

Jake received a life-changing call one afternoon in the spring of his junior year; it was Jordan saying, "Hey man, want to start a coffee company together?" Surprised and intrigued, Jake reluctantly agreed, and after his senior football season, Jake joined Jordan full-time to found KITU Super Coffee. Energetic, goofy, and relentless, Jake enjoys negotiating for shelf space with NYC bodega owners and short jogs along the East River.

Jimmy DeCicco

Oldest Brother | CEO

Ambitious, intense, and determined, Jimmy was just getting started in his career in NYC finance when his little brothers convinced him to join the team. Trading paychecks for passion, Jimmy joined his brothers, inspired to change the way humanity consumes its coffee. Captain of his college football team, Jimmy is competitive and compassionate. Pragmatic and realistic , he is the "how" to Jake and Jordan's "why."