Meet Andrew Alexander King

Andrew Alexander King is on a mission to climb, surf, and dive his way to a more inclusive world. In addition to founding The Between Worlds Project to help developing communities along his nature expeditions, he is now training to be the first African American to climb the highest peak on each continent. We followed the explorer on a day in his life to learn what fuels him.

Meet Andrew - mountaineer, surfer, and champion of humanitarian issues!

Andrew says his mission is to “explore what it means to be human while climbing mountains and volcanoes, surfing waves, and diving into helping combat issues from sexism, racism, climate change, and other humanitarian issues along the way.”

How did you fall in love with the outdoors? How does being outdoors inspire you?

“I moved to Hawaii when I was young and got experience surfing and exploring Mother Nature. From there, I went on to climb volcanoes and mountains, where I would meditate at the top and reflect on what I learned from others along the way.

Being outside inspires me to search on the inside, learning to live in the moment and accept and respect others as I do myself.

It also inspires me to make sure the outside community of climbers, surfers, divers, and others are represented and embraced as Mother Nature’s rainbow.”

Andrew is passionate about outdoor sports because they bring him inspiration.

How are you Adding Something Positive to your community?

“As I travel to climb mountains/volcanoes and surf, I make sure to find ways to add something positive to the community I’m in along the way. I always search for and work with nonprofits that need resources. Instead of just taking a selfie on a mountain, I work with them to combat issues that impact them and learn how to stand with them on these issues as I go forward along my journey.”

When you're on the mountain and feel yourself hitting a wall, how do you push through mentally and physically?

“I meditate, I go inside to unlock the doors and barriers that hold me from going further outside.”

What's a quote, saying or mantra that inspires or motivates you?

"Be more than just here.”

Andrew is on a mission for greater representation in the climbing community.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

“I meditate, then I write a poem in my journal and set my three intentions for the day.”

Tell us about a cause you care about.

“I care for humanity as a whole, making sure to help plant a tree of change so that future generations will have a safe space to voice issues and concerns on matters such as racism, sexism, equality, and climate change.

It’s important to plant that seed for others to nurture and water so that future generations can find shade under that tree of change. I care deeply about this idea, a place where all people, no matter their color or gender identity, can find hope and peace.”

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